Weather and Seasons

Vieques has year round warm weather.  Midday temperatures average in the mid to high 80’s year round. There are frequent steady sea breezes. Vegetation also remains constant year round – there is not much to see in the way of visible season changes, it gets a little browner when dry, a little greener after it rains. Citrus and mango fruit seem to ripen mostly in winter/spring (at least in our garden!)

May, October, and November are usually the wettest months of the year.  However, even when there is rain it stays warm and you can often get to the beach between showers.

July through November is hurricane season. This is the the time when there is the most chance of a hurricane, with peak probability from late August through mid October. A big one hits the island statistically about every ten to twenty years – and of course there will be a near miss or two most years when the weather gets rough. Some restaurants and the more “touristy” shops may be closed at this time, but the food shops will always try to stay open. Casa Violeta, like most of the houses here, is build of concrete block and is pretty hurricane proof.  We were largely undamaged after a direct hit by Hurricane Maria in 2017, a category 4 storm when it hit Esperanza.

When to come to Vieques? If you are looking for a beach to lie on and warm waters to swim in, Vieques is an ideal year-round destination. Tourist seasons on Vieques are more influenced by the weather in North America than they are by the weather on the island.

High season is usually considered to be Thanksgiving to Easter – when Americans from the North come down to escape the winter. Low season is May-October, with another small peak in July and August when many Puerto Ricans come to the island on holiday.

Weekends tend to be busier on Vieques. Vieques is a popular weekend away destination for many Puerto Ricans who come over from the big island. Little roadside stalls and bars spring up on the sea front and around the entrance to Sun Bay (the nearest large beach) – selling Bar-B-Q pork, chicken, and local liquid refreshments.