Bookings FAQ

Can we temporarily reserve with you while we are looking for airfare and checking with the others in our party? Generally yes. What we will do is mark you in the calendar as a possible reservation. If anyone else then inquires and wants to reserve the same time slot, we will give you first refusal for 24 hours. Once we have a booking deposit ($150) from you, then of course your place is held.

Do you rent by the night? Yes.

Do we have to rent for exactly a week? No, so long as we have availability, we are happy to fit you in with an odd number of nights. Rental rates are simply the weekly rates prorated for the number of nights you stay.

Do you have a refund/cancellation policy? Yes, see bottom of bookings page for full details.

Do you ask for a deposit? Yes, $150 when you make your reservation. Until we receive the deposit your time slot is up for grabs by other folks!

Can we check check-in & check-out in mid-week days. Yes, this is fine. In fact, many of our guests like to check in and out midweek because air fares from the US mainland are usually cheaper than they are for a weekend flight.

Where do we send the deposit check/rent check? Please make checks payable to Elfin LLLC (our management company), and send to PO Box 1087, Frankfort MI 49635.

Can we pay by credit card? Sorry, no. We no longer have a merchant account as it was not cost effective for us. However, you can pay by PayPal with payments sent to

Can we rent through AirBnB/HomeAway/Tripadvisor? AirBnB, yes. HomeAway, no. Tripadvisor/Flipkey, yes. Just search for “Casa Violeta Vieques” on the respective websites. You can pay via your preferred method with them, and will be subject to their cancellation fees and policies.

Are there any other taxes/surcharges etc:  There is a cleaning fee, see bookings page for details.

Can we bring our pets? Pets are acceptable if they stay outside, but bear in mind that you will have to fly here with them and it is likely to be a pain! Also you need to check check current USDA for any current applicable quarantine regulations affecting movement of animals between Puerto Rico and the US mainland. In particular, regulations regarding movement of cats and dogs is regulated by the Center for Disease Control who can be contacted on (404) 639-8107.

What are Check In and Check Out times on travel days? Check-in is usually 3pm, check-out 11am. We need the time between to get the house cleaned.  However, we can be more flexible about check-in/check-out if there are no bookings the night before/after yours.

We can store your bags if you need to arrive early or leave late. Check with us for details!

If Casa Violeta is not available, could you suggest other accommodations? There are lots of choices on AirBnB.