Where is Vieques? Vieques is a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico, on the boundary of the Caribbean and the Atlantic.

Here’s the big picture of where Puerto Rico is:

To get to Puerto Rico, fly from almost anywhere in the world to San Juan International Airport (SJU).

Here’s a more detailed picture showing Puerto Rico in the Caribbean:Politically, Puerto Rico is a Territory of the United States. US citizens can travel here with passport or drivers license and birth certificate.

Resident Aliens of the US should bring their green cards and/or passport with visas.

Non-US citizens should find that entry requirements are basically the same as if you wanted to enter the US.

And here’s where Vieques is in relation to Puerto Rico:From San Juan airport, you either fly to Vieques (20 minute puddle jumper flight), or take a taxi/ferry combination from San Juan via the ferry port at Fajardo.