Casa Violeta is located at 303 Almendro Street, Esperanza, Vieques PR 00765. There are two main towns on Vieques. Isabella II is the larger town located on the north shore, Esperanza is a smaller fishing village located on the south shore. Ferries from Puerto Rico arrive in Isabella II. The airport also located on the north shore, about 5 miles west of Isabella II.

If you are hiring a car on Vieques, try to arrange to have the car hire company pick you up at the airport or ferry. They will usually meet you when you arrive, take you back to their base and process the paperwork for the car hire right there and then. You can then ask them for directions to Esperanza.

Otherwise, catch a Publico from the airport or the ferry, and tell the driver you want to go to Esperanza. There are usually lots of Publicos at the ferry port, ask one of the drivers and they will either take you or point you to another Publico going to Esperanza. Prices for the Publicos are on a notice board at the ferry port, but are very cheap. A Publico is usually a large mini-van which you will often share with several other passengers. The journey from the north side of the island to Esperanza takes about 20 minutes. Publico drivers will take you all the way to your final destination, so they will take you to Esperanza, and you then give them directions as below.

If you arrive at the aiport and there are no publicos, then ask to have one called. If you ask one of the security guards in the arrivals hall they are usually very helpful and will call a Publico for you if there is not one waiting at the stand. Otherwise, go upstairs and ask at the check in desk for your airline. Alternatively, if you have your cellphone with you, there are usually a few publico numbers posted on or next to the arrivals hall exit door.

Casa Violeta is located on Calle Almendro. Calle Almendro runs parallel to the Malecon (sea front), one block back from the sea. Casa Violeta is in the cul-de-sac at the western end of Almendro.

To find Casa Violeta once you are in Esperanza:

  • head for the Malecon (sea front).
  • drive along the Malecon until you see the Tradewinds Restaurant and Guest House. Take the street that heads inland next to Tradewinds (Calle Hucar).
  • at the first cross street, turn left. You are now in Almendro Street. Keep going along Almendro, crossing another street after about 300 feet, and then heading up a short slope for 100 feet. At the top of this slope Almendro turns left and then dead-ends.
  • Casa Violeta is the house right in front of you and right at the very end of the dead-end. The number is 303. You will also recognize it from the photos on this web-site and because it is, of course, painted Violet.

If you or your Publico driver have difficulty finding Almendro street, other landmarks you can ask for are the bakery or Lydia’s Colmada. The bakery and Lydia’s Colmada are just down Almendro street.