Is Vieques the right vacation destination for you?

We can’t answer that question directly because it depends on what you are looking for! However we’ll do our best to describe what you will and won’t get here.

Vieques is basically a get away from it all vacation. The main things to do are: get up, have breakfast, go the beach, hang out, swim, read, come back home, have Pina Colada’s while the sun is setting, eat in or out, read some more, go to bed. There are some other sporting activities such as hiking,snorkeling, bike and horse riding, kayaking, fishing. But the main attractions will always the uncrowded beaches and the ability to do nothing at all!

Vieques has the worlds largest surviving bio-bay. This is a bay where you go at night, preferably on a dark night, and where the water is so full of microorganisms that the water glows as you and fish swim through it. A must see.

You will definitely not find most of the attractions of organized suburban holiday destinations. This is not another version of Florida. There are no malls, no amusement arcades, little in the way of “attractions” or exhibits. There is no TV in the house, and no cinema.

There are a couple of small museums, and several art galleries on the island.

There are a lot of restaurants, many of them with good eating. However, you may not find much that is distinctively”Puerto Rican”.

That’s it folks! Come here to get away from it all.