Time for a Vacation?
Relax at Casa Violeta,Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Casa Violeta Travel Aids

We have available at the Casa three old mountain bikes. If you like cycling, these are great for local trips to the beach and pottering about. They are nothing fancy, and we should warn you that you are on your own as far as adjustment, maintenance, and fixing flat tires etc. goes (though we do have all the tools and a few spares at the Casa for you to do that). If you are comfortable with doing this, then feel free to use our bikes. If not, then the more commercial bike hire services will likely offer you a full service package. We do not have any children's bikes.

If you would like to use our bikes, please let us know in advance. Usually the bikes are kept locked downstairs in the basement, and we'd need to ask our house manager to get them out for you.