Time for a Vacation?
Relax at Casa Violeta,Vieques Island, Puerto Rico


We've included here testimonials we've received in the last year or two, as well as various comments and recommendations from our guest book which is at the house. These are reproduced here pretty much as they come to us, good and bad, as we'd like you to have a realistic view of our house and the island before you come!

If you have never been to the Caribbean before, please also be sure to read our Caribbean Chaos Alert, which will also give you some perspective on what it is like here.

We've added a few comments in place to clarify or expand on some things. Where we make a comment, we've put it in brackets [ ] so you'll know its us talking.

Please take all restaurant comments with a pinch of salt! We don't say that to be disrespectful of our guests comments. However, the definition of a good bar or good food is quite subjective. Also, the staff and service in many restaurants change from year to year and by the time you come and visit, the restaurant will likely be not quite the same as it was when the comments were made!

January 14-26, 2008

This must be the perfect time to be here! No bugs. No humidity. No crowds. Even the roosters were on their best behavior!

The house is really comfortable and even though I was here alone, it wasn't too big.

Favorites: hammock
Sunbay beach 9 a.m. to 12 noon
El Quenepo restaurant
Malecon stroll after dinner

I've been coming here to Vieques for seven years and along with new changes and I am still able to find favorites.

We'll be back again next January!

Saratoga Springs, NY


January 26 to February 9, 2008

This is our second year here at Casa Violeta

Roosters were pretty quiet, only heard them in the distance. Lots of dog barking and fights at night, noisier than roosters.

Took the biobay tour through Adventure Island. The guides were great. Very knowledgeable and fun. Tour little disappointing, the biobay wasn't quite as luminous as we had hoped. Pictures didn't come out. It wasn't quite the dark enough due to all the lights from the surrounding communities. Spectacular constellations and star displays in the sky.

Whatched the Super Bowl at Blue Moon bar and Grill. Excellent buffet, all the chicken, pork, hamburgers hot dogs and salad you could eat for $20 per person. Then watching the game on the big screen under the stars!

Have a new favorite beach, Pata Prieta Playa, just past red Beach. Beautiful!

Had a wonderful two weeks!

Stand and Diane
Chicopee, M.A.


Feburary 10th - 15th, 2008

I cannot believe with the first ones to note this! The mirrors are great! Nuff said.

Captain Bill Sailing and Snorkelling tip great. We did half day Sail and Snorkel, $50 each. Wish we could've done full day.

Bio Bay. Don't go with the moon is out. It needs to be dark to see the critters glow. We would not recommend Blue Caribe for this. They lost three people on our trip and had to go look for them. They were good place for cheap bike rentals. Bikes are a great way to see the island.

Bananas is great for Margaritas if Natalie is tending bar. Burgers, wings, jerk chicken, chips, great.

Bili great for PR food.

We feed the cat even though Ellie and Roo said not to, just don't let him in.

This was the second time to Vieques for us but the first time together. It has been a wonderful vacation for us and Casa Violeta is a great retreat. We are off to La Campesina tonight for a Valentine's Day celebration.

Oh! Start making plans to get out to airport early. We had to make several calls and wound up going to Tradewinds and asking them to help.

Max and Joy Vida
Atlanta, GA

PS if you listen carefully there are other bird calls than chickens and roosters.


May 6-8, 2008

Welcome to all future Casa Violeta Guests.

We had a lovely stay here on the island and found this house to be the perfect quiet getaway in a great location. The windows are so great allowing for plenty of the fresh warm breeze to float through the house creating a very outdoors, open feeling! Gorgeous in the back bedroom at night. Sounds were wonderful.

The shop [convenience store] just down the street is great and we loved the restaurant Bananas! Food and service at Bili's was exceptional as well.

Bio Bay was magical. We went with Blue Caribe found the guide very informative, fun, and interesting.

Coco Beach is just down from here was amazingly beautiful and nobody in sight!

We are here in Puerto Rico for two weeks on our honeymoon. Casa Vioelta was the perfect place to get away from the busy world, kick back and relax.

Corey and Carina Friesen
Manitoba, Canada


April 29th 2008

This time it was Cyndi, Drew, Cheryl and Waderader[?] We had a horrible time. Between the salt water and the only Rooster on the island in our back yard, we found it to be extremely difficult.

But not really!! (Ha Ha)

We never want to leave, and I say that every time. This island is the last gem of the entire universe. Words cannot do it justice because they are trivial. You'd have to speak another language from Dr. Who to describe everything about the Bio Bay.

And you'd have to be a true moron if you can't bring yourself to enjoyment everywhere you went here.

Sorry that we don't love Kiki [the cat that lives next door], but we don't. We'll leave it at that. But love EVERYTHING about being here, so in our own way, we DO love her.

The point is, there probably aren't any places on this planet as amazing as this place, and we are eternally grateful that we can come here and experience what we have.

Thank you again
Cyndi, Drew, Cheryl & Waderader.
Park City, UT


19th May 2009

First time to Vieques, here for a friend's wedding and we are admittedly "cold climate" people from Eastern Canada, deaspreadtly sweting it all out. Have managed, between all the wedding madness, and our natural "getting lots of things done" body clocks, to find beautiful moments here.

Bio Bay tour was strange, wonderful and mesmerizing - everyone felt like wizards with the power of stars in their palms! (hands not trees : ).

Sun Bay is beautiful, the water akin to [a] bathing tub - perfect beach for playing catch and reading.

Driving around the island is a perpetual adventure. I am amazed by the untamed wildness of it all - from the horses to the mangroves; nature is full-on and all consuming.

I hope you like roosters. They are the harbinger of every new day.

Casa Violeta was a great home-base. We felt safe here (and that was important to us). The hammock was delightful in the hot breeze!

Aimée and Chris