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Welcome to Boscastle.

Situated in Cornwall, in the South West of England, it has been a home for my family for generations. Our cottage there was built in the early 1600's, and was originally a fisherman's cottage. Later, in the mid-late 1800's it had a brief spell as the offices for a coal importing business. It was then turned back into a residence. My grandmother inherited the cottage in 1924, and has been a holiday destination for our immediate family ever since.

Boscastle and the surrounding area can offer you great beaches, really great walking on cliffs and in wooded valleys, and, as ever, unpredictable British weather. Bring walking shoes and a light rain coat. Trout fishing in the Valency river, and sea fishing trips from the harbor available if that takes your fancy.

The accommodating in our cottage is somewhat primitive - its mostly only used as a summer cottage. One large bedroom (with five beds and lots of curtains!), living/dining room, kitchen, shower and toilet. But what a location! Come see for yourself.


Here's the harbor at Boscastle. This is a winter picture, in summer there are many more boats. Even with two piers the winter swells can be huge (sometimes there is surf in the harbor during a winter storm). The closer pier is very old, the farther one was destroyed by a stray drifting mine during World War II and the pier you see now was built just after the war.


Looking inland from the cliffs into the harbor. You can see the Valency River entering the harbor, and the lower part of the village strung along it. The main part of the village (800 souls in winter, perhaps 2500 in summer), is in a valley hidden to the right and up the hill.

If you look to the left of the picture on the hill you can see a group of buildings built in a rectangle. Our cottage is in the back row, on the other side of the one with the black roof from this view.


A view of the terraces in the back garden of our cottage


View of the harbor from the top of the garden.


Minster Church. One of five small churches in and around Boscastle. This one being the final resting place of many of our ancestors. Its about a 3/4 hour walk from Boscastle Harbor, going up the beautiful Valency Valley and then climbing a very steep hill.



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