Time for a Vacation?
Relax at Casa Violeta,Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Art Created at Casa Violeta

Below are some Vieques-themed art works created by Casa Violeta's "Artist in Residence", Ellie Harold. Click here to view the wide range of Ellie's Vieques landscapes and paintings from other parts of the world. Contact her directly if you'd like information about her work, including availability and prices.

Vieques Hilltop

Gumbo Limbo Trees

Esperanza Harbor

Pastoral views such as this one in La Hueca can still be seen all over Vieques. Although finding a hilltop without a house is becoming more difficult, local zoning so far insures that no high-rise developments will dominate the landscape. After a very short time even the mostly concrete structures take on the character of the countryside, as the jungle asserts itself. Also known as "turpentines," these trees with their peeling red bark are a trademark of Vieques. The twisting trunks of the gumbo limbos make them seem to be dancing. Many of these trees were planted as living fence posts and you can still see younger trees strung with barbed wire along roadside pastures. The cattle tend not to notice. Esperanza's colorful fishing boats really "pop" against the bright turquoise water of the harbor. Early in the morning at the nearby pier you can see the local fishermen casting their seine nets for bait fish. When their buckets are full, they jump in one of these little boats and head out for the day.