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Relax at Casa Violeta,Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Frequently Asked Questions - Activities and Things to do on Vieques

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Is is possible too rent bicycles on the island? Yes. Also you can go on organized tours to remoter parts of the island.

Is it possible to rent Kayaks? Yes, though we've not done this ourselves so we can't say if you can just rent or if you have to be part of an organized tour.

Are there trips organized to the BioBay? Yes, Blue Carribe and others organize trips. If this is your main interest in Vieques, try to come to the island when there is no moon. The darker the night, the better your biobay experience will be.

Can you walk from Beach to Beach? Many beaches are in walking distance (Town Beach, Coco Beach, Sun Bay Beaches). You can walk quite a long round much of the island if you start in Esperanza and head west, though you will have to scramble over rocks in places round the south west end of the island. Going east you can walk to Sun Bay, Media Luna and Navio. Beyond that you start to get into Lagoons mouths between you and the next set of beaches, Red Beach and Garcia Beach. Please bear in mind you will be walking under a hot sun.

Can we go on Dive Trips? Blue Carribe dive center on the Malecon in Esperanza closed in 2003. We are hoping that someone will buy the business and start up again, but as yet it has not happened. Kayacking, snorkelling and biobay trips are still being operated from the site.

How close is nearest snorkeling? Town beach near Tradewinds (two or three minutes walk), or Coco Beach (five minutes walk). There are some shallow reefs with small pretty fish to see.

Can we hire/ride horses on the island? Yes, but we have never done it so we don't know the details.

Is it possible to rent a boat on the island? Not that we know of.

Is there any windsurfing? Local winds are not really strong enough or consistent enough for really good windsurfing, and expert windsurfers will probably not enjoy Vieques particularly. There have been windsurfers for hire in the past, but none that we know of currently.

Is there any surfing? The local kids do surf on the northside beaches along Bravos de Boston. However, it does not look like great surfing, and there are reefs under most of the beaches there. We have seen folks surfing in Esperanza harbor on the tail end of a hurricane, the only time we have ever seen big surf on Vieques.