Time for a Vacation?
Relax at Casa Violeta,Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Casa Violeta Photos

Those Roosters!

One of the local roosters, climbing over the garden gate.

As you an imagine, its difficult to keep the chickens out! They don't do any harm though, and if you are lucky, you might find a fresh egg or two (but make sure they are fresh - i.e.: they were not there yesterday!)

Warning! Vieques is a Caribbean Island. That means it is noisy at night. Insects, frogs, the sound of the sea, wind in the banana leaves (sounds like falling rain). And yes ... roosters! Despite the myths, roosters are not really very good at telling when dawn is about to start and may chorus you at any time, day or night. Most folks get used to it very quickly, but bring ear plugs if you are a sensitive city sleeper.